Rage of Ultron

How many things are wrong with X-Men: Days of Future Past? What does the Avengers: Age of Ultron companion comic look like? Is Anne Hathaway still campaigning to play Catwoman? Do new set photos from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reveal new characters and locations? Is there an honest process to cosplay? Should Marvel make a Hawkeye movie? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Sad there was no Flash this week? Here’s a new clip from the next episode.

Marvel confirmed Thursday’s news of a link between Iron Man 2 and Agent Carter.

Catwoman header

Speaking to IGN, Anne Hathaway continued to say she’d love to come back and play Catwoman again.

New set photos seem to confirm the DC character Kahina is in Batman v Superman.

Rage of Ultron

Here’s the cover of Avengers: Rage of Ultron, which will be released in tandem with Avengers: Age of Ultron, the movie.

Watch a new trailer for the remainder of this season of Arrow.

CinemaSins tackles X-Men Days of Future Past.

Several superheroes are part of a viral video about the .7% Foreign Aid Initiative.

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