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Does Felicity Jones want to play full Black Cat in the Spider-Man movies? Why are the X-Men back in 1992? Will Cable be in the Deadpool movie? Who is helping Hans Zimmer with the Batman v Superman score? What did Chadwick Boseman have to say now a few days removed from the big Black Panther news? Which Batman character did Ben McKenzie dress as for Halloween? Is Loki going to be in Avengers: Infinity War? How does Jon Favreau feel about the new Marvel movies? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Awesome Day of the Dead Guardians of the Galaxy posters by the Poster Posse.

Speaking to GQ, Felicity Jones teased that she’d love to play the proper Black Cat in an upcoming Spider-Man movie.


This is my favorite Marvel Comics tease yet, just because this was my era of X-Men.

The showrunner for Daredevil took to Twitter to answers a bunch of fan questions. Lots and lots of good info in there.

Henry Fong White House X-Men

Henry Fong (via Comic Book Movie) posted some more really beautiful X-Men: Days of Future Past concept art.

Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Hans Zimmer confirmed Junkie XL is helping him with the Batman v Superman score.

Spider-Man Animated Series cast

The cast of Spider-Man the Animated Series reunited over the weekend and Comic Book Movie has a good report.

Chadwick Boseman came out and discussed the Marvel Event and his announcement as Black Panther.

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