Why haven’t we seen many photos of Iron Man on the set of The Avengers? Curious about the Thor and X-Men: First Class Blu-rays? Would you like to have a Batman coffee table? How about look at fan art of Man of Steel, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Returns? When did Marvel almost buy all the DC characters? Which late actress from the Forties and Fifties will be digitally placed in The Avengers? Read about all of this and much more in today’s Superhero Bits.

The Daily Blam found this cool Avengers image featuring Nick Fury. Blow it up to check out some of the details.

Inspired by The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster, AliZecker at Deviantart (via CBM) has created this poster for Man of Steel.

Geek Art posted a slew of stylized superhero art by artist named Ivan Camelo. That’s Wolverine, obviously, and at that link you can see a great many other superheroes and comic characters in the same style: Batman (at the top), Superman, Green Lantern, Bishop, Thanos, etc.

Former Marvel editor Jim Shooter has a new blog (via io9) in which he’s been dropping knowledge about old school comic book stuff including the fact that, in the mid-Eighties, Marvel almost bought DC. Head over there to read all about it.

i09 has created a gallery of “Fan-Made Superhero Movie Posters We Wish Were Real.” One of the most impressive is this one for Captain America: The First Avenger by Deviant artist Alex4everdn. Head there for posters for X-Men: First Class, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and more. FYI though, guys. Some of those posters ARE real. Tyler Stout, Mike Saputo, Eric Tan, Ken Taylor, Florian Bertmer. All real posters.

Superhero Hype has this exclusive look behind the scenes of the upcoming X-Men: Destiny video game.

This is a church many of us would like to attend. Geeks Are Sexy alerts us to an Etsy page where you can buy a stained glass window Batman poster.

GeekWeek took an awesome tour of Dark Horse Comics. Head there to see photos and read about the experience.

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