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/Film reader Sean S sent in a bunch of Avengers set photos like the one above. I believe these are of the destruction outside of the German theater where Loki wreaked a little chaos. There are more photos at the above link.

Speaking of that scene, Comic Book Movie got in a very interesting report from an extra on the set. They say that Philip Baker Hall is in The Avengers in a small role, standing up to Loki before Captain America shows up. Here’s the a snippet of the report, complete with dialogue. More at the link:

He stands up to Loki and is about to be slaughtered for his bravery, when he is rescued by the timely intervention of a certain patriotic hero. Oh, and here’s Cap’s full line when he stares down Loki: “The last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everyone else, we ended up disagreeing.” Loki: “Ah, the soldier. The man out of time.” Cap: “YOU’RE the one who’s out of time.” This is only part of an exchange I heard a dozen times between Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston.

And, why not, here’s a video of the fight between Captain America and Loki on the set of The Avengers thanks to the Daily Blam. The video is pretty terrible but, hey, it’s something.

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On Location Vacations posted more photos from the Man of Steel set in Illinois. A recent scene included some soldiers and a helicopter.

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And then the the Man of Steel Facebook (via CBM) found this photo of Antje Traue, who is playing Faora, on set. Looks pretty menacing. That link also has more photos from the helicopter shoot including Zack Snyder doing his thing.

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