MCP Guardians ships

MPC also has some really cool, and spoilery, Guardians of the Galaxy designs and concept images.

Funny, spoiler-filled observation on how the recent Marvel movies handle death.

New Batman and Justice League roller coasters are opening at Six Flags next year. Read more here, watch a video above.

10 times movies and comics sexualized male superheroes via IO9.

Axel Medellin Da Vinci Iron Man

What would Iron Man look like if Leonardo Da Vinci created him? Axel Medellin (via Design Taxi) figures it out.

Someone made a Groot costume for under $100.

Top Milano

Top Gun/Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt mashup.

Marvel’s Winter Soldier comic won’t have much in common with the movie. It’ll have more in common with Guardians of the Galaxy.

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