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Does Kevin Feige hear your pleas for a Black Panther and Captain Marvel movie? Which villain has been cast in Arrow? Can you watch the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For premiere in 3D? What does Frank Miller think of movies based on his comics? How many heroes will be part of the Justice League movie? Would Alfred Molina come back to play Doc Ock? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Kevin Feige spoke to IGN, acknowledging that he knows fans want Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies.

Arrow just cast actor Matt Ward to play the villain Komono, read more at Entertainment Weekly.

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The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Hollywood premiere is tonight and, if you click above, you can watch it in 3D (if you have a capable monitor or TV). If it doesn’t work, troubleshoot here.

A bunch of new photos from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice include Holly Hunter and Henry Cavill in the suit. More here.

Great tweet by Angie referencing the first Ant-Man photo, at this link.

In an interview with Playboy (via CBM) Frank Miller commented on a bunch of comic book movies based on his work.

Justin Sweet Rocket Concept

Awesome Rocket Raccoon concept art by Justin Sweet via Film Sketchr. See many more, including Groot, Drax and Gamora, there;

Badass Digest has some interesting thoughts on which superheroes will see in Justice League and when we’ll see others. Potential spoilers.

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