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Want to read some new rumors about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Where can you see two new commercials for Guardians of the Galaxy? What did Michael Douglas have to say about the Ant-Man controversy? Does Channing Tatum think a Gambit film will need subtitles? Will The Lego Movie 2 have Marvel characters? Where can you see a full size Batmobile from Batman: Arkham Knight? Were there supposed to be Sentinels in X2: X-Men United? Will Bryan Singer direct X-Men Apocalypse? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Hot Toys GOTG Tease

Hot Toys teased some upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy collectibles.

Batman-News has some new details on Batman v Superman, including the LexCorp logo and a statue.

An international TV spot for Guardians of the Galaxy via Superhero Hype.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller told Coming Soon they don’t think Marvel characters will appear in The Lego Movie sequel.

Schmoes Know asked Michael Douglas about the disappointment of Edgar Wright‘s departure from Ant-Man.

Comic Book Movie has some images of international Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-ray boxes.

Ben Affleck sporting his Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne look at a Detroit Tigers game recently.

Radar Online says 20th Century Fox might not want Bryan Singer to direct X-Men Apocalypse.

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