According to this video from Pittsburgh Movies, looks like the Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises has some new weapons this time around.

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Remember that photo of the big hole above? It most likely has to do with this. A Superhero Hype reader (via Coming Soon) snapped this photo of the Tumbler falling into the ground in The Dark Knight Rises.

Comic Book Resources (via CBM) got a spy report in from an extra in Man of Steel about the results of a tornado scene in the film. It reveals a major death. Jump past the quote if even that’s too big a spoiler, but it’s a character – if you know Superman – that you won’t be surprised by.

I talked to a friend of mine who was a ‘featured extra’ (which is apparently different than a regular extra) in the ‘Man of Steel’ filming down in bufu Illinois. He told me the scene he filmed, over a two day period, involves citizens running away from a tornado. Jonathan Kent is apparently swept up in the tornado and Superman has to fly up and save him.

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Yesterday we saw Captain America with an alien gun and now, a Comic Book Movie reader sent in several photos including the one above of a mysterious alien craft on the set of The Avengers. There are more looks on the other site. Is this from the Skrulls?

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