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There have been a TON of set photos from The Avengers in the last day or two, including a bunch of a huge explosion on the Cleveland set. The above image comes from Splash Page and if you head to Ain’t It Cool News there are videos of it too.

But we can’t let you go without some snippet of video of the fireworks. /Film reader Ben Y alerted us to this fantastic view of the Avengers explosion.

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A bunch of photos have leaked online of Chris Evans in his new Captain America suit on the set of The Avengers. You can check more of them out at SpoilerTV at that link or this link.

Movieline has a link to another angle of the same scene in The Avengers and you can see director Joss Whedon.

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Comic Book Movie has another angle of the Captain America images including this one above of him holding some kind of alien weapon. Obviously, a pretty big spoiler for who the villains in The Avengers are.

On the next day, the military came to help The Avengers on the set. Thanks to Superhero Hype for this video.

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Jon Favreau was on set of The Avengers this week and even got his own director’s chair as shown in several images from Cleveland.com (via CBM).

And Cleveland.com (via CBM) caught this video of Captain America fighting in an alley.

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io9 came across these images from the set of Man of Steel and the report is that a young Clark gets taken to this doctor’s office and does something that causes mass destruction. Will we see Superboy? Head there for more.

That same article pointed out the above video over on Comic Book Resources of Amy Adams as Lois Lane asking for directions in Man of Steel.

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