Marvel A-Z has this awesome Marvel TV shirt now on sale.

Andrew Garfield will promote Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Saturday Night Live May 3.

Venom costume Spider-Man 3

Frontline Design, Inc. (via Comic Book Movie) posted images and video of some Venom costume tests from Spider-Man 3.

The Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton superhero film Birdman opens October 17.


Cool SHIELD/Hydra hybrid logo.

Jennifer Garner is done commenting on Batman vs. Superman.

Kasra Farahani Spider-Man 3 concept

Want more Sam Raimi Spider-Man 3? Film Sketchr posted lots of concept art by Kasra Farahani.

Here’s a history lesson of Captain America and The Winter Soldier via Forever Geek.

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