In what might be your best look at all the locations in one report yet, this news report (found via CBM) talks to Illinois locals about all the sets and madness around the Man of Steel shoot.

Another Batman-inspired t-shirt from Shirtoid, this one of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too.

Maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t but The Lizard, Rhys Ifans from The Amazing Spider-Man, got a little out of hand at Comic-Con this year. Thankfully, charges aren’t being pressed, according to The Wrap.

Before that happened, though, Ifans did an interview with the Los Angeles Times about The Amazing Spider-Man experience. Here’s a taste:

Curt Connors is by no stretch an evil villain. He’s not like the Batman villains, like the Joker, who are the embodiment of evil. Curtis Connors is a great man who makes a bad decision.  That’s the whole magic of the Spider-Man idea. These people are the embodiment of our flaws and our desires that lead to tragedy. Curt Connors is a man with one arm and he wants to grow his arm back. He has access to a science that can enable that. But he has to make a moral decision, an ethical decision, to achieve that.

Sideshow Collectibles has begun taking preorders for this insane Hot Toys Batman Begins 1:6 figure.

While outlets who officially visited the set of The Avengers remain under embargo, Yeah Movies just drove over there. They visited the Cleveland set that doubles as New York and instead of just posting photos (the destruction photos we’ve been posting all last week) they also wrote up a little something. Check it out.

Guillermo Del Toro sat down with MTV and offered an update to the Hulk TV series.

In the biggest “Yeah, right” rumor of the week, a site called Think McFly Think says Warner Bros. is “quietly developing” that Superman/Batman project again. Think, McFly, think.

You’ve (probably) seen XXX comic book porn movie parodies, but how about XXX comic books, period? Bleeding Cool has a glimpse at one for Spider-Man. More images there.

We put this a little lower than the rest of the Batman news just cause we’re still trying to keep the Batwing a spoiler if people want to be surprised. Anyway, there was another minor accident while shooting The Dark Knight Rises when the vehicle broke into a sign. Nothing major, but interesting none the less. Thanks to Splash News.

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