How’d you like to go to the prom in this ride? Thanks to The Clearly Dope (via Nerd Approved) for the image.

Quint over on Ain’t It Cool News has a great interview with Andrew Garfield at Comic-Con in which he talks about the responsibility of playing The Amazing Spider-Man, some new twists on the personality in this movie and more. It’s a great read. Here’s a snippet from Garfield:

I realized just how much responsibility I was taking on for you, for your buddies, for everyone who’s going to be in Hall H today and for me, the 7 year old inside of me. It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s the same kind of pressure Peter Parker feels. He feels the weight of the city on his shoulders. He knows he’s the only one with the power that’s able to really fully protect these people. He feels like he’s their father, ultimately.

Star Trek and DC Comics rarely get mentioned in the same breath, but Alexander The Great was ahead of its time. The failed 1964 TV pilot starred Captain Kirk and Batman, William Shatner and Adam West, and you can see a clip above thanks to the Hero Complex. Talk about good casting on bad TV.

Here’s the poster for With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, an upcoming documentary. Thanks to IMP Posters.

Believe it or not, Patrick Stewart has yet to see X-Men First Class but, according to this interview with MTV, he holds no grudges with the new version of himself, James McAvoy.

College Humor has a funny gallery of Captain America: The First Avenger posters from around the world. Above is Britain. Head over there for Germany, Canada, etc.

Gamma Squad has a brand new update to their Flickr account of cosplay photos. That’s a preview above, head there for much more.

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