Williams-Sonoma is known for high end cooking stuff and now they’re going Marvel. They’re released several types of bakeware – cookie cutters, cake pans and more. Head over to their site to order, but thanks to Forever Geek.

Here’s some more discussion of the Man of Steel outfit. Just as I said in our post yesterday, it has a very scaly look. Head over to MTV Splash Page for even more detailed analysis.

In addition to Supes above, with the new Catwoman suit also just revealed, MTV Splash Page has offered up their analysis on that as well. Click the link to get comments like this:

While there might not be cat ears, the costume does make use of goggles, like most recent depictions of the character. Catwoman goggles it up in both the regular DC comic books as well as in her appearances in video games like “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe”.

In the past week or so we’ve seen a ton of photos from this Dark Knight Rises City Hall location Pittsburgh. We’ve seen Bane fighting Batman, we’ve seen Catwoman driving down the stairs and now, Comic Book Movie has compiled a whole bunch of additional photos, videos and more basically laying out the entire scene. I’m not going to spoil it here, instead I’ve just posted the above video as a tease and – if you want more spoiled – including photos of extras, Bruce’s Lamborghini, a Gotham football jersey and much more, head over to CBM.

[No photo]

Even with saying that above, I couldn’t help but run this awesome photo of The Dark Knight being shot by his cinematographer Wally Pfister. This link to MovieWeb (Via Eyeprime) has even MORE Dark Knight Rises set photos. Less spoilerly than the ones linked above.

When Batman is in town, things get real. The Hollywood Reporter says that Pittsburgh 911 operators were on high alert recently to expect emergency calls when The Dark Knight Rises shot a bunch of gun fight scenes.

Here’s a fan trailer for Superman Returns called Superman Restored, which incorporates some of the new footage that has recently made it online from the deleted opening and more. It lacks the pacing of a real Hollywood trailer, but looks great. Thanks to ITHoTMKProductions for the work.

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