An Empire YouTube Account (via CBM) posted this storyboarded scene from Kick-Ass 2.

Marvel started to reveal the characters who will be in Marvel Universe Live.

This above diet Twitter stream is linking to photos of Ben Affleck, who is getting in shape for Batman vs. Superman, but maybe too quickly for David Fincher’s Gone Girl.

Great piece by HitFix about how superheroes changed the life of one of the writers.

Kevin Tong - Watchmen

Mondo released a new Watchmen poster by Kevin Tong in the UK this weekend. Other copies likely on sale soon.

Five R-rated superhero stories that we’ll never get movies of.

IGN spoke to Edgar Wright about Ant-Man and he said the costume in the test footage will look close to the final film.

The comic book industry actually grew in 2013, according to Hollywood Reporter.

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