Kick Ass 2 Aaron Johnson

Where exactly is Metropolis located in Man of Steel? Why isn’t Clark Kent a reporter in the film? Will the fans dictate if a Justice League movie happens? Will we see more Wolverine movies? Want to see a new image of Kick-Ass 2? Did Joss Whedon comment on the Quicksilver controversy? Which Marvel Cinematic Universe villain should come back? What do The Avengers look like as Storm Troopers? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

metropolis-man of steel talked to Zack Snyder who described Metropolis’s location in Man of Steel as being right here. Read the explanation at the link.

Man of Steel producer Charles Roven told SFX Magazine they’re aware of fan ideas for how to continue the DC Universe:

Well, I think you can go anywhere beyond this film that the mind can take you, and certainly we’ve been reading online all of the various possibilities being laid out there by both fan sites and fans. Our goal has been to focus on Man Of Steel and to get it out there for old fans and new fans, and we think it’s a film that the whole family can go and enjoy. But we really want to focus on making this the best movie it can be, and then who knows what can happen.

Sears posted a brand new featurette for Man of Steel with new footage.

Several outlets were invited to the set of Man of Steel and reports just went up. Here’s Superhero Hype‘s, but also check out HitFix, Collider and others.

Listen to 90 seconds clips from the entire score of Man of Steel.

Why isn’t Clark Kent the intrepid reporter in Man of Steel? Zack Snyder explained in this interview.

Kick Ass 2 Aaron Johnson

KickAss2News via CBM posted this new image from Kick-Ass 2.

Joss Whedon spoke in New York and said he’d love to do a Batman movie, and refused to talk about the Quicksilver issue. Superhero Hype has the report.

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