Has Sam Raimi seen The Amazing Spider-Man? How does Joss Whedon describe the tone of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Did San Diego Comic-Con tickets sell out fast? Where did Iron Man join the Guardians of the Galaxy? Want to see some surprising, and spoilerish, Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel toys? Do the Marvel comics take any advice from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Disguise Costumes (via Comic Book Movie) has began selling official Iron Man 3 Halloween costumes, for both kids and adults.

The Huffington Post asked Sam Raimi, director of the previous Spider-Man trilogy, if he’s seen Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man. Here’s a small taste:

I haven’t had the guts to go see the movie yet. Because I don’t want to go to my girlfriend’s wedding. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t have the guts. But, I hear it’s great.

Visual Effects company BUF posted two behind the scenes VFX videos. Thor, above, and Green Lantern, at the prior link. Thanks to CBM.

Joss Whedon talked to TV Line about S.H.I.E.L.D., saying he’d like to concentrate on developing the current characters before bringing in big Marvel cameos. He also described the tone:

I’m excited about the show because it’s a very hopeful show. It’s not about murder, and it’s not about crime, and it’s not people looking into their own belly buttons. It’s about people who are trying to help each other, and that’s one of the things I loved about comic books. They had costumes and the villains were cool [but] they stood for something, and I like doing a show that does that.

Now this is just funny. Vegas Batman cosplay thanks to Reddit via Nerd Approved.

San Diego Comic-Con tickets sold out in 93 minutes on Saturday.

This video from Spieletest is of some upcoming Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel Lego sets. At first glance, they’re just that. But Comic Book Movie has detailed how the video contains MASSIVE SPOILERS. The video is safe but analyze at your own risk.

Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Alex Alonso assured Comic Book Resources that the Marvel movies have very little bearing on how the writers do their Marvel Comics.

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