Welcome to the first Superhero Bits of 2013! Want to read a possible roster for Justice League? How is Joe Carnanan‘s Nemesis coming along? Does Marc Webb have some Amazing Spider-Man regrets? Is Alan Taylor doing something different with Thor: The Dark World? Where can you see dozens and dozens of Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Rises storyboards? Why is a Pixar animator creating a new superhero every single day? Was that Superman flying along the California coast? Does Arnold Schwarzenegger regret doing Batman and Robin? What are the best graphic novels of 2012? Read about all of this and more in the new year return of Superhero Bits!

Pixar animator Everett Downing has been creating a superhero a day for a year. Read more over on Wired, via Superhero Hype.

Cosmic Book Movie (via Superhero Hype) claims to have gotten their hands on the roster for Justice League. Take this report with a grain of salt, even if there are a few things on there that seem like good ideas.

Toys Revil posted this brand new Hot Toys Iron Man 2 piece. Gorgeous. Hot Toys and Kotobukiya will also be doing Iron Man 3 figures.

Stan Lee‘s 90th birthday was last week and the Washington Post interviewed his colleagues about the experience.

This video made the rounds over the break, it’s a Superman shaped plane flying along the coast of California.

Joe Carnahan teased his work on Mark Millar‘s Nemesis.

Funny 9Gag pic featuring Thor and some eggs.

Tom Hiddleston talked to Press Association (via CBM) about Alan Taylor‘s work on Thor: The Dark World.

It’s fantastic, truly. We are making an amazing film, and we’re having a wonderful time. It’s so exciting to have established characters and an established setting in the world, and we are working so hard to cook up something new. That is what is exciting to me – taking what we know, taking what we love and deepening it and giving it an extra dimension. I think director Alan Taylor is really shaping up the world of Asgard and the world of these characters.

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