Concept artist Andy Park did a bunch of work on The Avengers and posted it online. Head to his site (via SHH) for more.

Empire (via CBM) asked Tom Hiddleston if he had the desire to direct and he revealed he asked to direct Thor: The Dark World:

I did ask, half-jokingly, Kevin Feige about directing Thor 2 and he said, ‘Do you have something to show me?’ I said no. He said, ‘If you made something and showed me, I might consider it.’ But it’s better for the world that he said no. It would be such a responsibility, but I think I’d enjoy it.

Want to learn the law told with superheroes? Boing Boing reviews the book, The Law of Superheroes.

Films like Iron Man 3 filming in North Carolina has helped the state, according to the LA Times.

Batman and Superman discuss the Man of Steel trailer, thanks to HISHE.

Superhero Hype has some info on top secret Iron Man 3 Marvel Selects.

Very cool Batman flying symbol t-shirt via Geek Alerts.

Batman News discovered Warner Bros created a Dark Knight Rises eBook you can download with all of the film’s Oscar For Your Consideration ads.

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