Want to see a new image from Man of Steel and find out how long the second trailer is? Is there a possibility X-Men: Days of Future Past could be in HFR? Did footage from Thor: The Dark World screen somewhere? Did Nightwing get his own YouTube series? Which real life figure inspired Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises? Want to read more in-depth interviews with Christopher Nolan? Which superhero score was nominated for a Grammy? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Superhero Hype posted this new image from Man of Steel from the cover of Studio Cine-Live. The trailer, out next week, will be 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

The fantastic second part of The Playlist‘s interview with Christopher Nolan has been published, talking about Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises and so much more.

Here’s a teaser for Nightwing: The Series by MG Studio & Ismahawk.

On the fence about The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray? MTV has five reasons you should buy it. Then Click here for the Augmented Reality app.

Qwertee posted this cute Hulk shirt, via Shirtoid.

Screw movies, Gamma Squad this these five heroes really need their own video game.

Geek Alerts posted this Batman Papercraft. Affordable and fun.

Just this headline from Overthinking It made me laugh: “Is Batman a Virgin?”

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