Has the first look at a shot from Thor: The Dark World leaked out? Will The Wolverine be at the Super Bowl? Want to see an alternative version of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises? How does Chris Hemsworth see his relationship with Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World? Has Anthony Hopkins enjoyed his experience? What regrets does Ang Lee have about his Hulk film? Who is Aaron Johnson dressed as on the set of Kick-Ass 2? Who was spotted outside Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb‘s house? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

ScreenCrush got their hands on some concept art for Bane from The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray.

Super Bowl anyone?

Chris Mintz-Plasse tweeted a shot of he and Aaron Johnson getting ready to fight in Kick-Ass 2 with Chloe Moretz working the slate. Notice Johnson’s suit. Interesting.

Chris Hemsworth spoke to MTV about working on Thor: The Dark World and if Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) would be mad at him for not saying “Hi” during The Avengers:

Definitely. For Thor and Jane, there are some unanswered questions now, since obviously he didn’t stop in and catch up with her in ‘Avengers.’ Thor might have some explaining to do in this one….There’s some fun to be had with that…And with Loki, we get down to the major bones of our conflict with everything that’s come from ‘Thor’ to ‘Avengers’ to now.

A Reddit user found this Bob Kane Joker drawing just laying around his boss’s office.

Despite yesterday’s latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting news, Zimbio (via CBM) spotted Dane DeHaan and Alden Ehrenreich at Marc Webb‘s house on Sunday.

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