How can you help unlock a clip from Iron Man 3? Will Arrow acknowledge the other major DC superheroes? Is Paul Bettany a Marvel fan? Does a Paul Thomas Anderson film have a superhero connection? Where can we find out War Machine‘s whereabouts during The Avengers? Is the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book being written with the new film in mind? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

If you LIKE this Iron Man 3 Facebook page, you’ll help reveal a sneak peak at Iron Man 3. So far, the going is slow.

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim talked about linking the show to other DC universes:

One of the things we’ve done, mainly because we’re fans, is we’ve thrown in a lot of Easter eggs for the hardcore fans. If you’re a big fan of the DC Comics universe, you’ll see a lot of familiar names and places: Big Belly Burger, which is a hamburger chain from the Superman comic books makes a regular appearance on our show and we have a Big Belly Burger franchise as one of our standing sets. You’ll still hear about characters from those worlds and from [Gotham and Metropolis]. We’re imagining a DC universe without super-powered characters but that doesn’t mean that in our parallel universe that there isn’t a Metropolis or a Gotham City.

Jarvis himself, Paul Bettany, told The Digital Spy he’s never seen an Iron Man movie. has a great write up on how Amy Adams is making Lois Lane her own in Man of Steel.

Badass Digest posted this photo (via IGN UK) that went viral yesterday. Yes, it’s Psy and Hugh Jackman doing the Gangnam Style. With Wolverine claws.

Comic Book Movie found a bit where the whereabouts of War Machine during The Avengers will be revealed in an Iron Man 3 prequel comic book.

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