When might you see that rumored Dark Knight Rises extended cut? Want to see some images of filming on the set of Thor: The Dark World? What’s the rumored plot of a Lobo movie? Which character is now rumored, but unlikely, to be in The Wolverine? When does Captain America: The Winter Soldier begin shooting? Where can you get a limited edition case for The Amazing Spider-Man? Is there going to be an upgrade for delayed Marvel Cinematic Universe box set? What’s Ben Affleck saying now about Justice League? Did Dredd 3D have a successful opening in the UK this past weekend? And who designed The Avengers image above? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

ABOVE: That’s a doodle tweeted by Olly Moss for The Avengers.

Captain America 2

Collider tweeted that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will begin shooting in March 2013.

This is the actual floor at the Russian Intelligence Agency via Reddit.

An update on that Dark Knight Rises extended edition rumor. Nuke the Fridge now says it’ll be out next summer, closer to Man of Steel.

This image has been going around masked as Jean Grey‘s school having a part in The Wolverine. It’s actually from The Great Gatsby says CBM.

Christian Bale visited a young cancer patient who dreamed of meeting Batman. The Hollywood Reporter has the full story.

Jock posted this cool drawing of Wolverine on his Instagram.

The Grid (via CBM) has the following logline listed for the Lobo movie, with Dwayne Johnson still tangentially attached:

Lobo, a powerful alien bounty hunter, lands on ESarth in search of four fugitives who are bent on wreaking havoc.

Scans Daily (via IO9) posted a hilarious page from a 1983 Batman comic where Bruce and Dick fought in the shower. Head there for the whole page. Awkward.

Talking to O Canada (via CBM) Ben Affleck said he was never asked to do Justice League. It’s worth noting the original news was Warner Bros. was interested in him, not that he was asked.

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