Collider did an interview with comic book artist Jock, who shared some of his early sketches for his Mondo Dark Knight Rises poster.

An eagle-eyed /Film reader, who prefers to be kept anonymous, noticed that one of the major stunts shot on the set of The Dark Knight Rises was not used in the movie. To cover it, Christopher Nolan just used the same footage of a Tumbler wreck twice. Check out the GIF evidence here.

ScreenRant posted this great Donkey Kong/Dark Knight Rises mash-up.

Yes, we’re still talking about this. What Culture lists their five problems with the Dark Knight Rises plot.

Matthew Benkner (via ScreenRant) did this Sesame Street Batman mashup.

Vulture caught up with the creators of Guardians of the Galaxy to talk about how the characters might fit into the Marvel Universe.

Where do you go if you don’t like Superhero Movies? This video from has the answer. Features NSFW language.

The conversation continues as to where the Batman movies go from here. Now Entertainment Weekly weighs in and they say Hush.

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