Does Jeremy Renner know when Hawkeye will be back? How did Hans Zimmer come up with the chant in The Dark Knight Rises? What kind of extras are being cast in Thor: The Dark World and where are they location scouting? Which Marvel and DC characters did Hot Toys just reveal? Does The Dark Knight Rises have a reference to a mid-Nineties Oscar winner? Was The Dark Knight Rises awesome in D-Box? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Jeremy Renner spoke to MTV about where we might see Hawkeye next. Spoiler alert, he has no idea.

Jim Emerson‘s write up on heroism in The Dark Knight Rises is fantastic.

Nice Avengers fan poster by Dr. Mierzwiak at F Yeah Movie Posters.

Entertainment Weekly thinks they found an homage to Good Will Hunting in The Dark Knight Rises.

I don’t like running a lot of superhero edibles but, when they’re this cool, I have to. A Dark Knight Rises cupcake by Nerdache Cakes (via Nerdalicious).

The Hollywood Reporter debates whether or not The Dark Knight Rises is an Oscar contender.

Hot Toys has full revealed their Avengers Iron Man Mark VII via Superhero Hype.

Bleeding Cool has confirmed that several scenes of Thor: The Dark World will be shot underground. Read more there.

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