How much did The Dark Knight Rises end up making on its opening weekend? What’s going on with The Wolverine in Australia? Why does Hans Zimmer have his own Dark Knight Rises app? Does Harvey Weinstein like The Avengers? Did an actor audition for The Dark Knight Rises without knowing it? If Spider-Man tried to pick up Black Widow, what would happen to The Avengers? How did an artist hand paint a Dark Knight Rises banner? Is Christopher Nolan obsessed with the Eighties? Read about all of this and much more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Lionsgate premiered this cover of the online Dredd prequel comic, coming August, by Greg Staples.

Hugh Jackman gave the Australian Prime Minister a tour of the set of The Wolverine according to the Hollywood Reporter. Also Australia’s The Leader (via Superhero Hype) talked about one of the sets.

Composer Hans Zimmer has released his The Dark Knight Rises Z+ app for iPhone which allows you to explore the audio of the film. Read more at Comic Book Movie.

The Dark Knight Rises made a near record $160.89 million over the weekend. Total Film lists its 50 best moments, all of which likely contributed to that success.

Hot Toys (via CBM) has teased a bunch of new figures including this Agent Coulson, which looks worth it just for the gun.

Warner Bros. is making a “substantial donation” to charity in light of the tragic shooting in Colorado.

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