Yup, Spider-Man dies in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160. Head over to Bleeding Cool to see some more spoiler panels from the comic and read the story line. Here’s what the writer Brian Michael Bendis said:

Listen, I sat there typing this thing with tears in my eyes like a big baby! I went upstairs to my wife, and I go, ‘I am so embarrassed. I think I’ve literally been crying for 45 minutes.’ I’ve had real things happen in my life I didn’t cry about, and yet I’m crying about this. I became very proud of it, and that’s not an adjective I often put on myself.

Conan O’Brien has been having some fun at the expense of Green Lantern. As you can see in the above clip, he set up star Ryan Reynolds good. And then…

Yup, another video just slamming Green Lantern. Really funny. Thanks to TeamCoco for that one.

The San Diego Comic Con exclusives are coming and this is a very cool one. Gentle Giant‘s Captain America: The First Avenger bust.

Mark Millar might talk a bunch of crap about movie adaptation but he knows about writing comics and the comic book business. Here’s a sampling of a larger interview by ComicBookGRRL in which he talks about the DC Comics reboot:

At DC it seems that there’s a massive desperation, they’re relaunching their entire line right now in September, all in one month. And I said, why didn’t you guys just roll it out over a year so that everybody gets a chance to buy, you know, try out the first issues? And they said, we’re actually more accountable to Warner Brothers now than we’ve ever been before – we need to show some serious profit.

Excited for The Avengers? Disappointed that several other Marvel properties, such as X-Men and Fantastic Four, will never be part of the mix because of complicated rights issues? There were no such issues in these clips, found by Fanboy, of the Seventies animated show which featured Magneto meeting the Fantastic Four.

Andrew Garfield has finally finished shooting The Amazing Spider-Man after a grueling shoot. In an exclusive interview with E! Online, he talks a bit about it. Here’s a sample, head to E! for more:

It was so long, man. It’s crazy. I feel like I lost a sense of myself for awhile…It was very hard work. I worked my butt off.

More fun at the expense of Green Lantern as little kids reenact the film. Thanks to BabelGum (via Film Drunk) for the heads up.

Topless Robot has some funny breakdowns of the “best scenes” in Green Lantern. Here’s one short example:

Blake Lively’s Dad: As head of Ferris Air, I want to sell my super-awesome drones to the military. So I’m going have Hal Jordan and my daughter Blake Lively, my own two test pilots, fight them and presumably lose.
Military Guy: Huh? Why would you do that? Why would we be okay with that? You could have told your pilots to lose on purpose so we buy your drones. If you were even slightly intelligent, you would have definitely done that.
Blake Lively’s Dad: Don’t worry, gentlemen. Hal Jordan is such as asshole, he will be unable to resist trying to win. I promise.

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