What’s the huge Spider-Man spoiler that’s all over the mainstream media today? What’s Robin going to look like in Batman: Arkham City? Was that Dark Knight Rises trailer real? When will the final Captain America: The First Avenger trailer appear? And are people devoting a lot of time to making fun of Green Lantern? The answers to these questions and more in today’s Superhero Bits!

The biggest news of the day is that several major media outlets are running a HUGE SPOILER for the Spider-Man comic books. If you are reading Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and don’t want to be spoiled, or haven’t seen the Associated Press, USA Today or New York Post today, fair warning that the spoiler is the first story on page 2 of this article.

Comic Book Movie found this YouTube video analyzing that fake Dark Knight Rises teaser that popped online over the weekend. If you weren’t convinced it was fake, maybe this will change your mind.

Captain America: The First Avenger movie trailer news: according to SuperHero Hype, the new trailer, along with one for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, should be attached to Transformers: Dark of the Moon. No Amazing Spider-Man trailer though.

We’ve already heard that Robin would be a playable character in Batman: Arkham City and now, thanks to ArkhamCity.co.uk (via CBM) we’ve got this full image. Looks pretty awesome.

Hulk have sex! Another comic book porn parody has popped up, pun intended. Vivid Entertainment presents The Incredible Hulk XXX A Porn Parody.

Chris Evans does a little preliminary shield caressing in this brand new image from Captain America: The First Avenger that comes to us from E! Online.

Did the Green Lantern movie make you mad? Maybe this new Cartoon Network show will be better. CBM found this teaser trailer for the new show: Green Lantern The Animated Series!

ScreenJunkies spoke to Captain America: The First Avenger co-writer Stephen McFeely about the eventual sequel. He said though it will likely be a modern story, they left gaps to go back to World War II, wouldn’t comment on the villain and they are already discussing ideas back and forth with Marvel.

Paramount is already looking towards the Thor DVD/Blu-ray release and CBM thinks this is the first look at the cover art.

Lucy Punch (Dinner for Schmucks, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger) has been cast as the female lead, Deena Pilgrim, in FX’s upcoming TV adaptation of Powers. Deadline broke the casting news.

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