How exactly did Spider-Man do all that real swinging in The Amazing Spider-Man? Popular Mechanics did a great article on the physics of it in addition to the above video.

Who better than the gang at Comic Book Movie to throw out five ideas for the Justice League movie?

Red Bubble (via Shirtoid) has this cool Avengers/Expendables mashup on the site.

Film School Rejects picks the five best action scenes in the Spider-Man movie universe.

Animator David Stodolny did this great little Hulk film.

If you plan on watching the Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man this weekend, Film School Rejects has devised a drinking game just for that passtime.

ironspy via Fashionably Geek has a tutorial to make these comic book high heels.

When The Avengers hits Blu-ray, a new Second Screen app will go online allowing you to watch the movie in a different way. Read more at Engadget.

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