Blue Horse Studios did an amazing Iron Man/The Avengers mod on a computer and you have to see the huge gallery of awesome process photos.

Empire Online has a great interview with Anne Hathaway talking about The Dark Knight Rises and there’s a side bar where costume designer Lindy Hemming talks about Catwoman’s costume. Here’s an excerpt:

Chris Nolan and I were trying to work out why a woman who is sort of modern and trendy and cool would go around wearing cat-ears! The logic is that when her goggles go up, the shape of the goggles makes the ears. We think it’s really cool. We’re very, very pleased with it. But, oh God, we went through so many incarnations to make it happen. I don’t know if you’ve seen jewelers, or when you go to the dentist, and they’ve got that thing that looks into your mouth and they’ve got magnification and everything… that was my inspiration. We bought loads of sunglasses and we made them do things with cardboard, and then we got a product designer to come and work with us, so we started making our version of a night-vision goggle, or magnification goggle, that she uses when she’s doing her cat-burgling.

Head into Carl’s Jr. on July 4 dressed as Spider-Man and you’ll get a free hamburger thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man. Head here for more details. Thanks to CBM.

The Chicago Tribune (via CBM) says AMC is adding a ton of Dark Knight Rises midnight shows to meet demand.

If you’ve seen The Amazing Spider-Man, maybe you realized a key line of dialogue was missing. Well Marc Webb talked to MTV about the omission.

Feel like wearing a Spider-Man mask on your iPhone? The Spider-Man AR Book is now available on your mobile device and has a bunch of augmented reality options. Read more at App Advice.

Disney’s Club Penguin did an Avengers themed event and experienced their biggest traffic day ever. Read more at Hollywood Reporter.

The Amazing Spider-Man opened on over 300 IMAX screens today and, last night, made $7.5 million at midnight – a very respectable number. It could pull in $150 million over the weekend.

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