For the geeky girl looking to stay cool this summer, head to this Etsy page via Fashionably Geek to grab an Amazing Spider-Man skirt.

Artist Josh Ln has designed some Nintendo Power Gloves with a superhero twist. You can link to merch at Fashionably Geek. They’re so bad.

Superhero Hype posted this footage of Stan Lee in The Amazing Spider-Man video game.

This Loki art, called Fantasy, is even more impressive in full. Head to Cool Vibe to see Johnson Ting‘s work.

Pleated Jeans (via Nerd Approved) posted this image of Iron Man joining the Care Bears.

Comic Book Movie linked to an interview with the composers of the new Dark Knight Rises mobile game.

Captain America got a whole new look in The Ultimates universe, a universe the Marvel movies love to borrow from. Thanks to IGN.

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