What does Mattel’s Dark Knight Rises San Diego Comic-Con exclusive look like? How did David Goyer describe the final scene of The Dark Knight Rises? Did a storyboard artist have some insight into Iron Man 3? How much money has The Avengers now made? Will Christopher Nolan help Zack Snyder with Man of Steel once The Dark Knight Rises is done? Want to see an amazing Avengers Blu-ray case? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

The art of John Aslarona is remarkable. Head to his site or Geek Art for more.

Collider posted the above video featuring The Dark Knight Rises San Diego Comic Con exclusive from MattyCollector. Very awesome.

Speaking to Empire (via CBM), Christopher Nolan spoke about Man of Steel:

It’s Zack’s movie so it’d be a bit rude of me to turn up and say I’ve got a few ideas now. My big point of responsibility was helping shepherd David’s script. When I’m finished with this I’ll be there for whatever Zack wants from me, but it’s very much his movie.

Entertainment Earth has popular Avengers Pop characters in stock.

Marvel.com has details on how to make your very own wedding variant of Astonishing X-Men #51.

Movieline found a teaser trailer of Kevin Spacey in a Chinese superhero film called Inseparable.

Man I Love Films has a list of 10 movie characters who would make great Avengers.

Hot Toys emailed out a tease of one of their new pieces: The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises.

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