Want to see some more banners and promotional materials for The Dark Knight Rises? How can you mix your own Avengers themed cocktails this holiday weekend? What show will you have to watch to see some brand new Dark Knight Rises footage? Is The Amazing Spider-Man a good hand model? Does Wolverine do well with the ladies? How do trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man and Lego Batman 2 video games look? And what is The Dark Knight like with only Heath Ledger scenes? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

We’ve got some cool official Dark Knight Rises images below but I kind of really love this fan art by¬†ArtMagix on DeviantArt. Yes, this is fan art, not official. See more via IO9.

This is official. WB released two new banners for The Dark Knight Rises. This is the better one.

There will be never-before-seen, exclusive footage from The Dark Knight Rises during the MTV Movie Awards on June 3. Read the press release at Superhero Hype.

Comic Book Movie has dozens of Dark Knight Rises promotional images for posters and shirts and stuff. Kind of fun, that’s an example above.

Read a in-depth interview about the stunts in The Amazing Spider-Man with Vic Anderson over at CBM.

Many people feel The Dark Knight is only good because of Heath Ledger. Let’s find out. The Cussing Channel (via Movieline) edited just his scenes together.

Superhero Hype lists the five things they really want to see in the upcoming Marvel movies.

Cool behind the scenes Amazing Spider-Man image from CBM.

David Hasselhoff tells Movieline: “I was the ultimate Nick Fury.”

Curt Connors is in a bad way in this new image from The Amazing Spider-Man.

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