Has Marvel upped the budget of Iron Man 3? What do the toys from The Dark Knight Rises look like? Want to see the trailer for Marvel Heroes, a new MMO? Which famous female celebrity wants to be in The Avengers 2? Did Tom Hardy inadvertently say something about a scene in The Dark Knight Rises? Do The Amazing Spider-Man soundtrack listings spoil parts of the movie? And will Daniel Radcliffe be joining the DC Universe? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

IGN has premiered the first trailer and images for the upcoming MMO Marvel Heroes.

Iron Man 3 begins production today in North Carolina and Latino Review reports they’ve upped the budget by $60 million, hoping to make it the biggest Marvel movie yet.

Check out the packaging for Mattel’s Dark Knight Rises toys courtesy of MTV Geek (via CBM).

The John Williams Fan Network (via CBM) has revealed the track listing for the Amazing Spider-Man score. I won’t republish it here as it contains spoilers. Beware.

You heard about the voice cast, and now The Hollywood Reporter has revealed a huge gallery of images from The Dark Knight Returns animated movie. That’s just one above.

Entertainment Weekly has an non-embedabble video of the voice actors working on Batman: Arkham City.

Comic Book Movie posted a bunch of tiny, never before seen Dark Knight Rises photos. Did I mention they’re tiny?

Collider posted a great editorial on how The Dark Knight Rises could end and a new Batman movie begin in its wake.

The Tumbler Tour is underway and Collider posted a few images of an early stop on the way to the release of The Dark Knight Rises.

Martha Stewart joked around in an interview with NY Mag that she’d like to be in The Avengers 2:

Wait, I do want to be in the next Avengers movie. I want to play The Hulk’s girlfriend.

Funny Avengers comic by @DavidGallaher.

Avengers 2 dream casting by Talking Comics.

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