The Avengers wait to see The Avengers courtesy of Booya Pictures.

Comic Book Movie rounded up a bunch of tweets by Dark Knight Rises star Matthew Modine trashing The Avengers.

Little Avengers from I Heart Chaos, via Geeks Are Sexy.

Slice of Sci-Fi reviewed the Avengers XXX porn parody.

Chris Hemsworth breaks some uncomfortable news as Thor on the radio in London. Thanks to The Awesomer.

Don’t try asking Josh Trank about Fantastic Four, as quoted by ScreenRant, he can’t talk about it:

I can’t comment on any [of] my personal roles. I can’t comment on any project in development…No comment and just cool things to come.

This Rhino statue is insane. See more images at Cool Toy Review.

A man called the fire department because his screening of The Avengers had subtitles, via Bleeding Cool.

/Film reader Luis Alan R. alerted us to this Saturday Night Live skit this weekend featuring The Hulk. Presented by Hulu.

From Mike Mitchell’s Tumblr, here’s “Thor’s Helmet, 15,000 light years from us. It’s about 30 light years across which is 1,897,170 times the distance from the sun to the earth.”

Quint at Ain’t It Cool News has a theory about a certain death in The Avengers.

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