What video did Marvel create to thank everyone for The Avengers? Want to see some new images from The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man? Does the success of The Avengers prove piracy isn’t a big deal? Which soft drink will have its own Dark Knight Rises flavor? Where will The Amazing Spider-Man open before the United States? What’s the latest on the CW show Arrow? Is The Avengers responsible for America’s economic problems? Which joke in the film has some people up in arms? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Above: The Avengers inserted into Nighthawks by Edward Hopper by John P Glynn via Gizmodo.

Marvel has released the above video as a thank you to all the fans for the success of The Avengers.

I love this Iron Man painting, called Gilded, by Sam Spratt. Thanks to Geek Art.

Another major movie is opening overseas before the U.S. This time, it’s The Amazing Spider-Man in India via Hollywood Reporter.

Above, listen to Edgar Wright talk to Empire about a ton of things including Ant-Man, around the 18 minute mark. More on this soon.

The official numbers are now in. It took on 19 days for The Avengers to make $1 billion and demolished the second weekend all time record with $103 million. The second weekend take for The Avengers would have ranked as the #19 opening weekend of all time.

It’s The Avengers in the style of the late, great, Maurice Sendak via IO9.

IGN compares The Avengers and Star Wars and finds that they’re pretty similar.

I might have posted these before but I can’t say for sure. Noelle Stevenson did some really cool, cute drawings of The Avengers. Head to her Tumblr (via IO9) for more.

The legacy and current state of Stan Lee is detailed in a fantastic profile at Grantland.

Comic Book Movie found what’s almost an Amazing Spider-Man trading card featuring Gwen Stacy.

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