Australian designer Romance Was Born created a whole line of fashion co-sponsored by Marvel. Read and see more at Fashionising via Comics Alliance.

Film School Rejects ran a hilarious response to Moviefone’s Girl’s Guide to Avengers. And also a piece on how girls don’t talk to each other in the movie.

Nice Carnage wallpaper by Stjepan Sejic. Download the larger version at Cool Vibe.

Cool Toy Review posted a whole gallery of a nice Avengers display in Hong Kong.

Topless Robot lists 12 lesser known teams who should now get Marvel movies. And one already is.

The Hollywood Reporter did a good interview with Joss Whedon talking about his “massive ego”

The Comic Center (via Shirtoid) has a shirt called Green Lantern Equation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arrow is a “lock” for a pick up.

This photos is cleverly captioned “Supergirl is a Narcissist” over on Fashionably Geek. The cosplayer is AlisaKiss.

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