How much responsibility does Christopher Nolan feel in making The Dark Knight Rises? Will we finally see an Avengers video games on consoles this year? Want to see a photo of the Parker family from The Amazing Spider-Man? Is Disney considering an Avengers ride? Has Comic Book Men been renewed on AMC? Which TV station picked up The Avengers? And where can you continue the Amazing Spider-Man viral? Read about all this and much more in today’s five page Superhero Bits.

The Gamma Squad has a nice gallery lining up The Avengers vs. Justice League.

Whoa. Wired did a column on the physics behind some of The Hulk‘s movements in The Avengers. Gizmodo found things that would allow you to smash like him too.

Superhero Hype found that an Oscorp Industries site from The Amazing Spider-Man is now online.

Film Crit Hulk of Badass Digest wrote a column for The New Yorker (?!?) about Ruffalo’s portrayal of his character in The Avengers.

Coming Soon compiled a bunch of links showing behind the scenes Avengers stuff.

The Hero Complex has a great profile on Cobie Smulders, how she got involved in The Avengers, if she’ll be back for 2 and more.

Thor dog! From Film Drunk.

Considering the success of The Avengers, Disney and More wonders if Disney will make some sort of Avengers ride.

Comic Book Movie found the above photo on Facebook, its a family portrait of Peter Parker and his mysterious parents in The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Hollywood Reporter reports shawarma sell outs all over Los Angeles. Thanks Avengers.

Hot Toys Thor. Whoa. Thanks to Cool Toy Review.

Entertainment Weekly thinks S.H.I.E.L.D. is hurting the Marvel movies.

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