Want to watch a video blog review featuring me and Peter, along with Alex from FirstShowing, talking about The Avengers? Why doesn’t anyone say “Avengers Assemble” in the movie? Which superhero has the most screentime? Care to see some of the award winning t-shirts in The Dark Knight Rises contest? Did Armond White like The Avengers? What amazing way was Batman Begins promoted in New Zealand? Will you still be able to see The Avengers in IMAX this weekend? Want to see Joss Whedon talk about the final action scene? Read about all of this and MUCH more in today’s massive Superhero Bits.

It’s late but here’s the video blog I filmed with Peter, and Alex from First Showing, after the world premiere of The Avengers.

Did Armond White like The AvengersWhat do you think? But he has some interesting thoughts on its cultural importance.

This won the Christopher Nolan-judged Dark Knight Rises t-shirt contest. Buy it here, there are a few more below.

Why doesn’t someone say “Avengers Assemble” in The AvengersIO9 has the answer.

Gorgeous Batman shirt from Shirtoid. It came in third in the Dark Knight Rises contest.

Is Avengers the best Marvel movie yet? Cinemablend says yes.

Little Lion Baked Goods shows you how they made these Avengers cake pops.

Movieweb did a solid interview with Clark Gregg on the occasion of The Avengers.

Badass Digest has a list of the six coolest songs with Marvel references in them, including the one above.

What Culture wrote what we’re all thinking. The Avengers is so successful, Justice League can’t be far behind.

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