The next member of The Avengers has been teased by Hot Toys: Thor. Thanks to Cool Toy Review.

We’ve posted a bunch of these in the past but, now as we’re closer to release, ForeverGeek has compiled a lot of fan made Avengers posters.

A clever piece of fan art by Copywriter at Buzzfeed. It’s The Avengers, if they were assembled like at Ikea.

If you see The Avengers at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, you can see selections of Stan Lee‘s personal comic book collection. More info at the Disney Blog.

The Dark Knight Rises has been done shooting for months but set photos are still popping up. Here’s one from Shock Ya.

Michelle Pfeiffer revealed to Empire (via CBM) that Tim Burton, for a time, considered doing a Catwoman spinoff film.

Kids react to The Avengers in this video by The Fine Bros.

The Shiznit noticed that the pattern on Iron Man‘s helmet resembles a receding hairline. Comedy ensues.

The Marvellini brothers have done some almost gothic influenced superhero family portraits found via ForeverGeek.

MovieWeb posted this preview of the Iron Man Anime.

Rhys Ifans talked to Total Film (via CBM) about his audition for The Amazing Spider-Man:

 It was a moment where Dr Curt Connors is having a nervous breakdown, to say the least. I just went for it and ended up a quivering wreck on the office floor. They were obviously pleased but I didn’t think for one second I’d get the part.

You’ve seen the trailer, now here’s the poster for the Avengers XXX porn parody.

Possible spoiler alert!! Superhero Hype found this video from Time To Play detailing The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises. If the functions of the toy are true to the movie, it reveals a huge action beat. Be aware.

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