Somehow, Batman and coffee just go together. Head to Amazon (via Geek Alerts).

The new app Lego Super Hero Movie Maker is pretty self-explanatory. It makes superhero movies, with Legos, on your phone. Read more at App Advice.

Funny or Die filled out Batman’s OKCupid profile.

The Hollywood Reporter has more info on The Wolverine shooting in Australia.

Comic Book Movie has posted some AMAZING Avengers based sculptures. That’s one at the very top, and another here. Head there for detailed images and more sculpture. They’re truly remarkable.

What Culture lists eight reasons why they’re still playing Batman: Arkham City.

Here’s the trailer for the Avengers XXX Porn Parody. The trailer is SFW but I’m sure the movie itself isn’t. Thanks to

Cool Toy Review has a full gallery of the Hot Toys Captain America from The Avengers.

Adam West spoke to IGN about how his Batman is just as relevant as The Dark Knight Rises:

To me, it’s an interesting idea because Batman – the character, the legend, the extension of it over all these years – it lends itself to different machinations, layers, different time zones – anything,” he said. “You could really pretty much mold Batman. He’s malleable, welcome and always interesting. They do The Dark Knight, and I did The Bright Knight. Ours was fun for the whole family.

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