Want to watch a car speed through the destruction of The Avengers? How about a new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man? How does the DP of The Dark Knight Rises describe the film? Does Morgan Freeman really not know anything about Christopher Nolan‘s Batman movies? What lead a man dressed as Batman to get arrested on April Fools Day? Which role did Guy Pearce almost play in Batman Begins? And what’s the connection between Calvin & Hobbes and Watchmen? Read about all of this and more in today’s Hulk-size Superhero Bits.

Above: A New photo of The Hulk from The Avengers thanks to Comic Book Movie.

Toys R Us has posted a huge gallery of striking Avengers wallpapers and more. Thanks to Comic Book Movie.

Check out this Acura commercial for The Avengers.

Bleeding Cool points out DC Comics is looking for an intern.

Head to Comic Book Movie to download a super high resolution version of the previously released Man of Steel logo seen above.

Buzzfeed (via IndieWire) has a series of hilarious “authentic” outtakes from the set of The Dark Knight Rises featuring Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. This is just the first one.

Even Agent Colston got his own poster from The Avengers via Twitter.

We all love the Batarang, and Geek Twins has 8 fun facts about it.

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