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How was DC Entertainment impacted by recent Warner Media layoffs? Which X-Men character does Arrow co-star Colton Haynes want to play? Did you know Wolverine was Australian a couple times before Hugh Jackman played him? Are you sad to see Agents of SHIELD bid farewell? Does Scott Pilgrim vs the World sink up with The Smashing Pumpkins albums? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

DC Daily Book Club looks back at Superman: Red Son, where the hero landed in the Soviet Union, not the US.

DC Entertainment suffered significant layoffs as WarnerMedia was forced to downsize and streamline a bit.

Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter implores all of us wear a face mask while donning the hero’s stars.

Arrow actor Colton Haynes has expressed his desire to play Iceman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Brian Crosby shows you how to draw the big Hulkbuster armor for #StarkWeek over at Marvel Entertainment.

Did you know that before Hugh Jackman played Wolverine, the character was Australian on two occasions?

DP Art spent a crazy amount of time creating a detailed flipbook of Hulk scenes from Marvel’s The Avengers.

Ruby Rose confirms her serious back injury played into her decision to leave behind the role of Batwoman.

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