Alex Ross Timeless Marvel Portraits

Want to see all of Alex RossTimeless Marvel portraits that will be variant comic covers in October? Did you hear DC Universe has scrapped their yearly subscription option? What’s the one thing Ray Fisher requested be put into Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Why is Kevin James pretending to be the boom mic operator on Joker? Will The Flash movie have a war between Amazons and Atlanteans? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

More Marvel and DC Comics collectibles appear in the latest Sideshow Collectibles Comic-Con video tour.

DC Universe scrapped its yearly subscription option, which makes people think it could shut down very soon.

Fantastic Four #25

The upcoming Fantastic Four #25 in October has new costumes and promises of a major status quo change.

In case there’s any doubt about this Fantastic Four change, writer Dan Slott says it is not hyperbole at all.

The promo for the next episode of Stargirl teases the arrival of a Golden Age superhero waiting in the shadows.

DC Comics editor Ben Abernathy talked about the surprising new costume for Batman in the Joker War arc.

Alex Ross released a bunch of new Marvel Comics portraits that will be released as variant covers in October.

Comic Book Resources looked at the comic book panels for Comic-Con at Home and picked the ones to watch.

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