This breakdown of The Infinity Stones at Marvel seems to imply that they’ve truly been destroyed in the MCU.

Justice League star Ray Fisher lashed out at Joss Whedon again, calling him “unprofessional” and “abusive.”

This documentary focuses on Batman Forever and Batman & Robin and the efforts to reinvent the superhero.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently prepping for a nine-day shoot in the Czech Republic this fall.

Batman is just sitting her playing the ukulele, and then Spider-Man wheels in with bagpipes on a unicycle.

HBO Max has added a whole new slate of DC Comics movies, including Superman: The Movie and Blade.

Here’s the launch trailer for Iron Man VR, which will finally be available to play on PlayStation VR on July 3.

The Avengers has returned to the box office charts, but it wasn’t able to top Zootopia landing in the #1 spot.

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