Want to catch a glimpse at a brand new Batman animated series? How about an Avengers toy commercial? Will Comic Book Men be coming back to AMC? What’s the latest look at Lego versions of Batman and The Avengers? Does anyone know what happened to the defeated villains from The Incredible Hulk and Thor? Is Warner Bros. still working on a Flash movie? Which Dark Knight Rises actor finally came clean about their character’s appearance? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Beware the Batman: a new show coming in 2013 to Cartoon Network. Read more at Bleeding Cool.

The guy dressed as Batman, who got pulled over driving a Lamborghini, is enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. The Washington Post has a great profile on the true hero.

Superhero Hype revealed the cover art for the new Lego Batman game: Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

Will Kevin Smith‘s Comic Book Men be back for season two? According to this story at Comic Book, the president of AMC said the show “exceeded” their expectations. So it seems likely.

What happened to some of the villains in the previous Marvel movies like The Incredible Hulk and Thor? Fury’s Big Week, a web comic, has the answer. You can read the full story at Comixology (via CBM)

The 10 Most Baffling Moments In Lois Lane And Superman’s Love Life have been selected by IO9.

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