Avengers Endgame – Blu-Ray VS Disney Plus – Comparison from marvelstudios

It should come as no surprise that Avengers: Endgame doesn’t look as good on Disney+ as it does on Blu-ray.

Chris Hemsworth hasn’t read the script for Thor: Love & Thunder yet, but production starts in mid-2020.

There are nearly six dozen Easter eggs for the sixth episode of HBO’s increasingly fantastic Watchmen series.

There was almost a fake out moment in Avengers: Infinity War where it seemed War Machine got cut in half.

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All the girls are gathered on an ugly couch in a new promo image for next year’s Birds of Prey spin-off movie.

Karen Gillan wants to see the fake script created to preserve Avengers: Endgame secrets turned into a movie.

Get a look at previously unreleased footage of Tom Hiddleston auditioning for the role of Thor for Marvel.

Birds of Prey and The Batman cast members have options in their contract for sequels or standalone films.

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