James Gunn revealed a photo with part of The Suicide Squad cast on Instagram, so production may start soon.

Joaquin Phoenix left an interview after being asked if Joker could inspire violence or have a negative influence.

Find out how you can make your very own Origami version of the Big Hero 6 robot superhero called Baymax.

Dan Stevens was spotted hanging out with the cast of The Eternals, so could he appear in the Marvel movie?

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Happy #BatmanDay !! I’ve cleared the release of this concept image of The Dark Knight from #JusticeLeagueMortal for this special anniversary. The costume was a mixture of Kevlar and chain mail with a kind-of robotic exo-skeleton under his arms, legs and back designed to help Bruce fight crime even when his body was in its most broken state. Reflective paint over the eyes and chest would catch any available light, heightening his intimidating figure in the darkness. Thick padding around the neck would make sure no blows to the neck or throat would incapacitate him during battle. This was a concept that never went passed this initial “discovery stage” during development. #Batman #TheBatman

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Here’s new concept art for what Batman would have looked like in the abandoned Justice League Mortal.

Martin Starr and JB Smoove shot much more footage for Spider-Man: Far From Home that ended up cut.

Zach Galifianakis gives Paul Rudd a hard time for being a Marvel star in Between Two Ferns: The Movie.

Joaquin Phoenix talks about what it might be like if his iteration of The Joker actually encountered Batman.

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