The Amazing Spider-Man viral continues. FirstShowing got a Spider-Man hoodie and a cell phone. If you head to this Tumblr page you can follow the entire thing.

Comic Book Movie has a detailed description of an early cut of a rumored Man of Steel trailer. Here’s a small taste:

Opens with a shot of space. The camera is panning around the planets and zooming through space. There’s a voiceover of Jor-El (Russell Crowe) saying, “My son, our world is no longer safe for you.” Suddenly, one of the planets explodes and a small ship is seen zooming out of the flames, and the camera pans around it to face it flying away.

The Iron Man and X-Men animated series’ come out on DVD April 24. Thanks to CBM.

Alan Moore is not a fan of Beyond Watchmen. Comic Book Resources details a recent chat Moore had, DC’s response and more. Here’s Moore:

It seems a bit desperate to go after a book famous for its artistic integrity. It’s a finite series. Watchmen was said to actually provide an alternative to the superhero story as an endless soap opera. To turn that into just another superhero comic that goes on forever demonstrates exactly why I feel the way I do about the comics industry. It’s mostly about franchises. Comic shops these days barely sell comics. It’s mostly spin-offs and toys.

MTV spoke to Johnny Whitworth about his portrayal of Blackout in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

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