What would it look like if other filmmakers took over the Batman franchise after Christopher Nolan? Want to see a new promo shot of the full Avengers team? What are the hidden clues in the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man? How much can you buy a Dark Knight Rises “themed” potato chip for? How is Superman attempting to save Don Draper from Mad Men? Does Stan Lee have confidence in Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider-Man? And who does Garfield think should be the next Spider-Man? Read about this and a whole bunch more in today’s Superhero Bits. 

The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex is running artist renditions of possible Batman movies that will be made after Christopher Nolan’s. Here’s just one example: an image for a theoretical Matthew Vaughn version. Head to the LAT for Todd Phillips, Wes Anderson and more that will be added later this week.

Harley Davisdon (via JoBlo) has put up a new Avengers promo photo for their upcoming contest.

More original art from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is going up for auction soon. Read more at Comic Book Resources.

/Film reader Ryan C alerted us to an eBay auction where someone is selling a potato chip with a Batman logo in it. Hilarious. Especially the price.

Gamma Squad put up a gallery of bitchy Twitter reactions to the Before Watchmen announcement.

In New York, some artists have put their own superhero spin on the Mad Men advertising campaign. Thanks to Badass Digest.

Geek Tyrant screen capped the hell out of the extended Avengers Super Bowl commercial.

This image from Blastr ranks superhero alignment.

Collider went frame by frame into the Amazing Spider-Man trailer and found that kicks off of a viral campaign called “Mark of the Spider-Man.”

Batman and Superman discuss social media. Thanks to Geeks are Sexy.

Moviefone lists the seven things we learned from The Amazing Spider-Man footage that screened Monday.

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