Is newly minted Golden Globe winner Idris Elba coming back for Thor 2? How did Joss Whedon go about balancing different director visions brought to Marvel characters in The Avengers? What does Olivia Thirlby have to say about the difference between this Dredd and Sylvester Stallone’s? Which Avengers character is getting a super cheap, super bad, direct to DVD rip-off made? Want to see what the new Avengers Lego characters look like? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Watch Idris Elba confirm to MTV that he’ll be back for Thor 2.

This adorable picture is the header image of a post containing baby and dogs whose parents forced them to cosplay. It’s sad, but very cute. Thanks to Fashionably Geek.

Gamma Squad ran the numbers and they think Marvel is, potentially, in a lot of financial trouble in 2012.

This Olly Moss influenced Batman Begins poster by Travis English was posted on F-Yeah Movie Posters.

Olivia Thirlby spoke to Josh Winning about working on Dredd (via CBM):

It doesn’t go that way only to separate itself from the former Dredd movie, it takes its air of seriousness and violence from the comics, so our idea was to really honour the world of Mega City One in the comics.

Batman gets a sidekick on this shirt at Red Bubble.

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